Software Quality Assurance Testing

Hiring Software QA Testing Agency by UK based Software Solution Provider.

Functional Testing Sale Retail Management

Functional Testing for a Leading Australian Point of Sale Retail Management Software.

Software Assurance Quality Testing

Setting up an Offshore Software Quality Assurance Testing team by a Sweden based Software Application Development Company.

Selenium Automation Testing for Mortgage Broker

Selenium Automation Testing for a Mortgage Broker Software firm in Australia.

Business To Business Testing

Functional and Automation Testing for B2B Marketing Software | Campaign Advertising and Publishing Application to generate Business Leads in the US market.

A/B Testing

A/B testing for a leading E-commerce Entity.

Software Quality Assurance Testing for Operational Management

Software Quality Assurance Testing Outsourcing for an Operational Management | Asset Management | SAAS Mobile app from US.

Automation Testing using Selenium for Leading Logistic

Functional and Automation Testing using Selenium for a leading Logistic | Transport | Fleet Management Business from Singapore.

Why you need Automation Testing for your Web/Mobile Application ?

The client – a Privately held US-based company that offered a comprehensive range of business solutions to their partners.

Test cases are useful for both freshers and experienced professionals in the industry. Testers need to know and understand different elements because of obvious reasons. Most of the current day professionals are known to have a tremendous amount of checklist to complete.

Hence, taking help from advanced technology tools allows them to enjoy better efficiency. Gone are the days when testing was simple and easy to complete. The modern-day apps and hacking techniques have enabled people to find a breach naturally.

Why Refer to Testing case studies

Testing case studies are an ideal material, which lets people gain experience without working. Most of the students prefer using testing case studies because it allows them to have better knowledge over results in a quick time.

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