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By 2030, eCommerce will prevail as an innate part of our lives, and all the system will be online and will remain so for many many years. Numerous people have already initiated the era of eCommerce, the kind of online shopping experience that is beyond human imagination. It is essential for firms to connect with reputed eCommerce testing service providers to find bugs easily. Owing to the dynamic world and the wide acceptance of online shopping applications, every store wants to sell everything and anything online using an eCommerce application.

Those days are gone when customers actually bought the product by visiting the stores and directly dealt with the store manager. eCommerce is one of the fastest growing billion dollar industry and eCommerce application is the best way to capture the customers’ attention.


When there are voluminous customers online, it becomes obvious they use different ways to shop online. While some prefer PC, others may prefer mobile applications. All this keeping in mind that the devices have access to different browsers. This plants an additional responsibility to reach the users across all the platforms and browsers with the same experience. Hence brings the necessity to have a bug free eCommerce application to be launched and monitored continuously.

The risk associated with eCommerce application is higher due to the existence of payment gateways, which demands thorough testing to avoid any bug in the application. Hence, it is important to get your eCommerce system thoroughly tested before launching it. The applications are to work 24*7 and it becomes a necessity for them to work reliably and precisely.

To avoid nasty failures of the application, eCommerce is checked for Usability, Security, Performance for an uninterrupted and secure shopping experience to the customers.

ecommerce testing
testing ecommerce sites


Team Testinggenez is one of the best eCommerce testing service providers, who have the utmost knowledge in the eCommerce system and the various features or modules associated with it. The end-to-end testing includes –

  • Vendor Management
  • Product Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Loyalty Points Management
  • Coupon Management
  • Customer Management
  • Discounts, Order Management
  • Tracking Management
  • Invoice Handling
  • Adding/Removing/Editing an item in the cart
  • Stock Management
  • Billing Management


We at Testinggenez, hold the expertise in testing eCommerce Application Testing with years of experience in the domain. The expert eCommerce testing service providers possess the domain knowledge and knows the way through the application, making it simple to offer test coverage to the application.

Our best Software Testers in eCommerce industry who not only assess, analyze, test them, and report bugs in the application but also recommend the best available industry solutions to improvise the application which will increase its market reputation among the targeted customers.

Testinggenez provides eCommerce Application testing services by acknowledging domain-specific issues and verifying secure payment gateways, compatibility, interoperability, and performance during concurrent usage while enhancing the online shopping experience for the users.

ecommerce testing services

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